Love Food Hate Waste Project

Go Circular is partnering with Love Food Hate Waste to reduce food waste in the healthcare and aged care sectors.

Love Food Hate Waste is brought to you by the NSW Environment Protection Authority . In NSW, more than a third of the waste we send to landfill is food. That adds up to about $10 billion worth of good food that’s being thrown away every year by NSW households. To read more about food waste in NSW, click here.

In a circular economy, food waste does not go to the landfill, Instead, food waste generation is minimised and the remaining waste is cycled back into uses to generate products and regenerate natural systems.

We have an opportunity to avoid, reduce and recycle food waste through a circular economy approach in Australia. For businesses adopting circular models, benefits include greater efficiency and profitability, less waste and cost, better innovation and stronger relationships with customers.

Go Circular is partnering with Love Food Hate Waste NSW to support community groups and businesses to integrate food waste avoidance in the Hunter region, with a focus on programs for the region’s healthcare and aged care sectors.

If you’d like to help us raise awareness of the environmental, economic and social impact of food waste in the Hunter region, get in touch with our team:

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