About Us

About Us

At Go Circular, we have embraced the principles and opportunities offered by the circular economy to address the environmental challenges we all currently face. As a purpose driven organisation founded in October 2020, we create impact through the investment of our knowledge, capital and time into the delivery of our strategic objectives.

As Go Circular actively participates in this economic transformation, we work with government, businesses, communities and knowledge institutions to identify opportunities to make the transition to a circular economy, and co-design, co-develop practical and scalable solutions to turn these opportunities into reality.

Our mission is to drive the shift to an economy that is regenerative by nature and meets the interconnected needs of society and the environment.

Go Circular Newcastle

What We Do

As a change agent and impact organisation, we connect and work with businesses, cities, governments, knowledge institutions and the community to create the conditions for systemic transformation. We offer circular strategic advice and consultation on:

  • Circular economy, design thinking and system thinking
  • Circular economy education and training
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategies
  • Practical circular economy solution, data collection and tool kits
  • Building circular economy workforce capacity and enabling both business and community

Our Values

We endeavour to build a collaborative and restorative system. We put these values at the core of how we work and our team plays a key role in making this culture the foundation of our organisation.


We know positive impact is only possible through collective action and co-creation


Great ideas and partnerships come from active exploration and engagement


We believe innovation comes from openness to different perspectives


We value people’s contributions and wellbeing


We are all in this together

Our Board

Go Circular Newcastle

Hollie Cheung


Yin Sun


James Hunt


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