Circular Economy Youth Leadership 2022

Driving a Circular Economy - begins 27th of July 2022

Program details:

The Hunter 100: Circular Economy Youth Leadership program is back in 2022. The program will be offering a workshop session to High school and University students about the circular economy and its emerging role in the Newcastle/ Hunter region.

The program will cover the foundations of what a circular economy is, how people and businesses can benefit from circular thinking and provide you with the skills to accelerate the shift towards a circular economy. It will give you a theoretical base, as well as look into the circular economic activities that are happening today, and in the Newcastle/ Hunter region. The program will help stimulate innovative thinking of circular economic opportunities across relevant industry sectors and uncover the possibilities that lie within the emerging circular economy space.

This program will be held on Wednesday 27th July 2022, hosted by Go Circular. We only accept students from Newcastle/Hunter region for this workshop. Spaces will be limited.

Learning Objectives:

  • Rethink business and economic models- from linear to circular
  • Develop an understanding for design thinking- Eliminate waste and pollution, Circulate products and materials (at their highest value), Regenerate nature
  • Problem solving key issues facing the economy and the environment
  • Understand the opportunities within the emerging circular economy space

Key Outcomes:

  • Building engagement between industry, business, and young talent through networking events, and introductions
  • Building young peoples’ leadership capacity by connecting with industry
  • Establishing a community of early career pioneers to build strong support networks across communities, businesses, and industries
  • Learn and motivate each other to achieve a circular economy in the Hunter
  • Building networks and improving problem-solving capacity
  • Building leadership capacity
  • Preparing students for the workforce of the future
  • Improving the environment and livability of the region
  • Assisting the growth of industries, products, and supply chains that design out waste, improve air and water quality, and restore natural ecosystems and biodiversity
  • Generate sustainable jobs

Sponsors for Hunter 100: Circular Economy Youth Leadership program

The Go Circular team wishes to thank those organisations and businesses who have supported our Hunter 100: Circular Economy Youth Leadership program and continue to be involved in the program’s delivery.

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