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Feedback Organic Recovery

David Sivyer – Founder and owner of Feedback Organic Recovery


Feedback Organic Recovery

“We have established that urban farms are a great way of not only managing local food waste and providing access for all community stakeholders to new ways of sustainable food production”.

David Sivyer – Owner Director at Feedback Organic Recovery 

The Background

As the year 2030 draws closer the demand grows for each nation to meet the requirements of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals proposed in 2015 (UN, 2015). Amongst these goals were succinctly defined targets aligned to each aspect of sustainable development. Specifically, two segments were highlighted and focused on by Feedback Organic Recovery (Feedback): Food waste and food production. Feedback Organic proposed, implemented and has operated urban farms since 2013 offering a closed-loop of food waste into food driven by local communities, aligning a local solution to 3 core goals and a further 7 aspects of the sustainable development goals.

During the course of its operation and evolution, the need to encourage community participation and support has grown as the effectiveness of reducing/reusing food waste and volume of food production has grown with continually improving systems. Its aim has become increasingly focused on replicating this framework due to growing interest in the need to encourage behaviour change on local levels through accessible community education programs.

The solution

Food waste is gathered from local cafes, homes and businesses via sponsored bins that the Feedback team collects each week; they then turn all that waste into top quality compost at their urban farm in Cardiff Heights and grow delicious plants and vegetables in that compost; and when ready to harvest, they sell the organic produce back to the local community. It’s a closed-loop and it’s taking hold across the Hunter.

What makes it circular?

Feedback Organic Recovery is transforming food waste into a resource. By converting food waste from local cafes, restaurants, workplaces, schools and households in the Hunter region, Feedback Organic Recovery loops food waste back into the system through farming and producing and supplying food locally. This is not only beneficial for the environment through the reduction of food waste emissions but also helps create far more resilient communities by improving food security for the Hunter region’s future.

The impact

  • Diverted more than 1 million litres of food waste from going into landfill
  • Feedbox: To date Feedback has grown over 30 tonnes of food on a footprint less than 1 acre. 
  • The FeedBox provides just over 45 families with fresh produce on the day of harvest every week. 
  • Feedback also provides delicious veggies to local food Co-ops and a local restaurant

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